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Absconded Debtors


Do you need to know where your debtor lives? Get results in 2-3 days
Our specialist debtor tracing service is an excellent way to trace debtors, with all searches performed quickly, discreetly and in the strictest confidence. The debtor will not know a trace has been performed. When we trace the debtor we will supply you with their new address and any available telephone numbers making contacting them easy. If you are trying to issue a Statutory Demand, start court proceedings, enforce judgements, or simply make contact with a person who owes you money then ComPay UK can help.
If you are going to use the debtor tracing results for our Statutory Demand services or provide the information to a third party such as a County Court or bailiff then you need to be sure the data you have been supplied has been gathered legally and that it is correct. The debtor tracing service is regulated by the Credit Services Association to ensure our tracers can access the most accurate data. We are also data protection compliant ensuring we adhere to the highest standards and provide a service with integrity. You can view our data protection statement and details Here
The cost of our service is just £79.95 which is covered by our 100% money back guarantee. This means that, if in the unlikely event we are unable to locate your debtor you will receive a full refund for the tracing service. If you are using our Statutory Demand services we can add the tracing fee to your recovery charges for collection from your debtor.
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